Wall Township

Summer Salad Special


From: Mossuto’s Market in Wall Township, NJ
I have officially joined the “be healthy” bandwagon when it comes to incorporating kale into my diet. Anytime I can order a refreshing kale salad, I jump on it. This is a summer special from Mossuto’s Market that comes with kale, toasted almonds, farro, ricotta salata and fresh squeezed lemon with olive oil. It’s packed with different textures, varying levels of nutrition, and look how pretty it is?

It doesn’t hurt that absolutely anything you order from Mossuto’s Market is absolute perfection. It is a family-owned spot that I have featured on my blog before and they know how to cook one heck of a meal and how to treat their customers right. If you stop by to order from them, tell Rosella or Ben I say hello.

A Classico Sandwich

A Classico Sandwich

From: Mossuto’s Market in Wall Twp, NJ
I’ve already mentioned how amazing Mossuto’s Market is in a previous post, but why not do so again? This is their breaded chicken, prosciutto, mutz, roasted red peppers and balsamic sandwich served on fresh Italian bread. What I love most about this sandwich besides all the perfect toppings, is that the chicken is tender and fresh. So many times I get a chicken cutlet sandwich from somewhere and the main ingredient is lacking. If you don’t want to be disappointed, then get the “Classico” from this place.