The Perfect Onion Ring

Onions Rings

From: The Fireplace Restaurant in Paramus, NJ
I would have to say I was on the search for the perfect onion ring. This required me to substitute fries for rings wherever I went. My quest finally came to an end when I stumbled upon these from The Fireplace. Enough onion for taste, but not too much where it slips out of its entire breaded coating. Plus it has a perfect crunch!

Chicken Fran

Chicken Fran

From: Suburban Diner in Paramus, NJ
I am extremely skeptical about getting fancy entrees at a diner. I usually stick with breakfast items or the typical chicken finger platter. This isn’t because the food isn’t good. A diner just has so many items on the menu, that I assume it is hard to specialize in every type of cuisine possible. However, the Suburban Diner definitely nailed it with their Chicken Francese. It is not only tender and a healthy portion, but smothered in the perfect lemon, butter combination.