North Bergen

Chicken Francese

From: Trattoria La Sorrentina’s in North Bergen, NJ
I just can’t get enough of the food from this place. Right on Bergenline Avenue, Sorrentina’s is a place I can count on for an awesome Italian meal. It is hands down my favorite pizza place, provides the best fresh-baked bread, and I love the chicken dishes. This is the Chicken Francese and I always order it with escarole. Escarole is a leafy vegetable that is sautéed in garlic and oil, plus it is really healthy too. I am sure it is not healthy when I douse it in the delicious lemony, buttery sauce that the chicken comes with. You know what’s the best? Making a small sandwich out of the fresh baked bread with the chicken and escarole and dipping it in the sauce until it’s soaked. Of course, the chicken is good on its own since its thick, juicy, and tender.

Colombian Empanadas

From: Noches de Colombia in North Bergen, NJ
There are several Noches locations and they are all equally delicious. This is their Colombian Empanada. I am a fan of all kinds of empanadas, but this one has a crunchy dough on the outside with beef AND potatoes in the center. The beef and potatoes mixture is perfectly blended, allowing the flavors to melt in your mouth. If you order this, make sure to dip it in the spicy aji sauce that it gets served with. I’m sure I’ll have more posts of the food from this restaurant soon, because it is my favorite Colombian spot in NJ.