Best Bagel Spot in Hoboken

From: JP’s Bagel Express in Hoboken, NJ
The only place I go for an egg salad sandwich or a fresh bacon, egg, and cheese in Hoboken is this place! The egg salad from here has a great taste, and I love when there’s more egg white pieces in the actual sandwich. Other places chop up the egg whites really fine so you are pretty much just eating the yolk with the mayo, but this place knows what they are doing. I like to get the bagel scooped out so there’s less carbs; it also makes it easier for me to eat the sandwich without pieces falling out of the sides. #TipOfTheDay

Seaweed Salad


From: Teak on the Hudson in Hoboken, NJ
I never understood the concept or the hype around a “seaweed salad.” The name itself does not serve as good PR for the dish, BUT I am now hooked. I must admit I had to have it twice to be won over. My favorite is from Teak, because they serve it with cucumber, crab, and tempura flakes. If you have never tried seaweed salad, I’d recommend starting here. It’s got a distinct flavor to it with a crunchy cold texture, but try it twice and I think you’ll enjoy it. I will admit that it is an acquired taste. Even if you still aren’t the biggest fan, at least you tried something new?  Someone also told me it’s extremely healthy for you, which doesn’t hurt now that summer is fast approaching – am I right all my fellow Squan-abees?

Spicy Roll-a-Palooza


From: Teak on the Hudson in Hoboken, NJ
There are great sushi places in Hoboken and Teak is one of my favorites. Pictured here is the spicy red roll, which is spicy crab (and I substituted the cucumber for avocado.) Behind that, is the Spicy Girl Roll consisting of spicy tuna, spicy yellowtail, and spicy salmon with tempura flakes. Clearly I love any sushi roll that contains the adjectives “spicy” or “crunchy.”

Not only that, but Teak has a fun, classy, sexy atmosphere. With it’s large-scale fish tank that acts as an exquisite centerpiece at the bar, to it’s dark and sleek decor, it’s quite a refreshing change.

Five Dollar Lunch Deal

Five Dollar Lunch Deal

From: Off the Wall Chinese Cuisine in Hoboken, NJ
I think we can all enjoy a good five dollar lunch deal from time to time. Everyday from 11 AM to 4 PM it’s all about the customer. First, you choose the dish itself (General Tso’s is always a must.) Second, you choose what type of rice you want (of course it should be pork fried.) Just when you thought you had no more options, you have to select the soup (Wonton all the way!)



From: Mamoun’s Falafel in Hoboken, NJ
This is their classic falafel and hummus pita sandwich, but anything from this place is good and extremely affordable. I love mixing it up with grilled chicken instead of falafel and it gives it that extra dose of protein action.

Prosciutto Panini

Prosciutto Panini

From: Anthony David’s Gourmet Specialties in Hoboken, NJ
This weekend I finally got to try Anthony David’s in Hoboken. It is always packed for brunch, and now I know everyone must have been eating the prosciutto panini. It had (prosciutto of course) with taleggio cheese, oven dried tomatos, and arugula.