The Committed Pig 

From: The Committed Pig in Manasquan,  NJ
Happy Fourth of July everyone! If you are heading down to Squan for the long weekend, check out The Committed Pig. It is right on the corner of Main Street and right before you enter the mecca of Jersey Shore rentals. They had great options to chose from for both brunch and dinner.

Right before I began my night rocking out at Osprey, I stopped in for the Chipotle Bacon burger. It comes with muenster cheese, onion rings, and a bacon chipotle mayo. Can we just take a second to appreciate how delicious those onion rings look? Plus, as you can see I clearly needed an extra side of the bacon-infused mayo. I mean… I guess I didn’t really need it. It is summer and all. 😉

It was such a cute spot and definitely provides those in the area with a great dining option. Plus, they have one in Morristown! Enjoy.

Porta Pizza


From: Porta Pizza in Jersey City, NJ
You want to try an awesome spot in Jersey City? Check out Porta located near the Grove Street Path. The restaurant first opened up in Asbury Park back in 2011, where it’s not only a hit for its delicious food but for its nightlife. I went there one summer, enjoying the Jersey Shore as usual, and was blown away with how delicious the Neapolitan-style brick oven pizza was. Conveniently,  I was able to burn the calories off after since they have a great and spacious dance floor. It was truly the best of both worlds under one roof. Then I heard they opened one up in Jersey City so I had to try it out and it did not disappoint.

The restaurant itself is HUGE and that’s such a great thing to see and be a part of when normally all of the places in the surrounding area are smaller inside. Let’s put it this way, there’s one entrance on one street and the restaurant extends to the entrance on the next street. If they didn’t already have a ginormous space, they also have two separate floors. What I adore is the ambiance; it has a rustic feel, warm lighting, and varying types of tables to sit at including biergarten-like wooden tables. The staff we interacted with were extremely friendly and they didn’t rush us at all, they even made sure to take a quality table shot for us (since we were failing epically at the group selfie.)

Now onto the part you’ve been waiting for, the FOOD! The first picture I decided to post was their salad. It isn’t often that I go crazy for greens, I know they are necessary and I like to get them over with first, but this salad, was just phenomenal. It was called Cavolo Nero, which consisted of Tuscan kale, shaved sunchoke and watermelon radish, chile-garlic crostini, parmigiano reggiano, and a lemon-garlic dressing. The kale with the cheese, garlic, and lemon dressing was just making me so happy. Plus for $14, you get a huge portion. There were four of us females and we each had a generous serving of the shared dish. Next time, I would even order one just for myself.

However, there are still other things on the menu that need to be devoured. The dough for their pizza is just delightful and yummy. I meant to skip to the part about the type of pizza we tried, but I just had to throw that out as a disclaimer to how good it was. Therefore, any pie that you try will be the right choice. What we did try was the “Arugula” pie and the “14 1/2.” The 14 1/2 came with San Marzano tomatoes, homemade mozzarella, homemade ricotta, hot soppressata, Calarbian chiles, and extra virgin olive oil. This is what you see pictured above. The Arugula came with San Marzano tomatoes, homemade mozzarella, garlic, arugula, and truffle oil. You can clearly see that they use quality ingredients in everything they make.

I can’t believe I have written this much and haven’t even started talking about the nutella pie. Basically, you are taking the same type of dough with a denser consistency, smothering on a layer of nutella, sandwiching that with another piece of dough, then generously pouring it with powdered sugar. AMEN!

Fried Calzone.. Emphasis on the FRIED

Fried Calzone.. Yes.. a FRIED Calzone

From: Il Piccolo Bufalo in New York City, NY
This is one of my family’s favorite places to go in Little Italy and there is a reason why (pictured above.) This might look like your classic mutz and ricotta calzone, but it is actually fried. Fried calzones are a specialty my grandmother used to make, but this place brings back great memories of that crispy, cheesy deliciousness. I think it is safe to say that anything fried tastes that  much better, especially when it comes to dough stuffed with cheese. Let’s just say once you’ve tried the fried… baked will get put to the side.

Bareburger Favorites

From: Bareburger in Hoboken, NJ
Bareburger first opened up in Queens in 2009, and now has over 18 restaurants. The popularity of their organic and all-natural meat is clearly helping them grow into the big franchise they are today.

If you once over my page real quick, you will start to see a pattern – I clearly had a burger craving this summer! But, this one is highlighting a different kind of meat… BISON! Bison has a lot of protein with less fat than beef, plus its super tasty. My meal selection above was a “make your own” from Bareburger with aged cheddar, Canadian Bacon, and pickles. However, they have tons of specialty burgers to choose from. I think next time I am going to order the Bison (cooked medium), Gouda, and one of their special sauces.

But, can I just jump to the onion rings now? I am slightly obsessed with them. My overall obsessions in life go Dogs, Bravo, Mutz Cheese, Wine, then Onion Rings. Okay… I have different infatuations everyday but whenever there is a choice to go with a side of fries or a side of onion rings, I opt for the latter. Clearly some places have better fries than rings, and I adjust my choices accordingly.

At Bareburger, what’s great is that they have so many options. You can get the larger basket order of onion rings plus fries (or sweet fries) that comes with several of their dipping sauces (my faves are the habanero mayo, special sauce, and buttermilk ranch.)  If you and your friend are not too hungry and just want a taste, the side of rings and fries is just as filling. It doesn’t come with the dipping sauces (they cost a bit extra) but you might as well get one or two to try it out.

Happy National Burger Day!

: Umami Burger in New York, NY
May 28th 2015 is National Burger Day and I wanted to take this opportunity to highlight Umami Burger as well as the newly renovated World Financial Center. Umami Burger was founded by CEO Adam Fleischman out on the west coast and it finally made its way to New York City (of course it found its way to New York, haven’t we all?) The establishment is currently located in three locations including Williamsburg (Brooklyn), Greenwich Village (Manhattan), and Brookfield Place (Manhattan).

Let’s talk for a second about how amazing Brookfield Place is, which is still also known as the World Financial Center. The entire space underwent a $250 million renovation in the past few years and it looks like it was worth every penny. When you walk through Brookfield Place, there’s eye-catching and unique architectural structures everywhere. It feels… grand! That’s the best way I can describe it. There’s now high-end stores as well as two food courts called Le District and Hudson Eats, which makes you feel you are at the epicenter of Big Apple life.

Getting back to Burger Day… one of Umami’s locations is in Brookfield Place at the Hudson Eats food court (located on the second floor.) The photo above is showing off Umami’s Truffle Burger. If you absolutely love the taste of truffle, this number has truffled aioli, house truffle cheese, and truffle glaze. All of their selections are delicious, but next time I think I am going to get their “Manly Burger,” which has house beer-cheddar cheese, bacon lardons, smoked-salt onion strings, Umami house ketchup, and mustard spread.

*Fun Fact: The definition of UMAMI is “a taste sensation that is meaty or savory and is produced by several amino acids and nucleotides” according to Merriam Webster.

Feliz Cinco de Mayo! 


From: Alma Restaurant in Brooklyn, NY
This place was by far the best Mexican restaurant that I have been to in awhile. I got to try several of the dishes and I was too excited to eat that I forgot to take pictures. Even the image above shows the chilaquiles AFTER I had already dug in. My mouth is still drooling as I dream about the mound of cheese that I consumed during that meal. Chilaquiles are corn tortilla strips, shredded chicken, and cheddar cheese topped with Mexican crema and ranchero sauce. Everything from the drinks to the rooftop dining to the views of the city, this place is a must if you are in Brooklyn!

Sushi Happy Hour

From: Iron Sushi in New York, NY
Do you want a great happy hour deal in Manhattan? Check out Iron Sushi that has locations in the Upper East Side as well as the East Village. From 4-8 PM they offer most sushi rolls, select food items, and wine for $3 each. I went with a party of seven for my friend’s birthday and once 8 o’clock hit, they let us continue ordering the same specials because we were seated before it ended. I will be back just because they do that for their customers, most places will cut you off once the deal ends.

My favorite item I had was the pork dumplings, and look at the portion you get for $3? Don’t worry about judging me for ordering two of them as appetizers, I judge myself. 🙂

They were lightly fried and had a great flavor.