Hudson County – NJ

Bareburger Onion Rings


From: Bareburger in Hoboken, NJ
Bareburger first opened up in Queens in 2009, and now has over 18 restaurants. The popularity of their organic and all-natural meat is clearly helping them grow into the big franchise they are today. But, can I mention the onion rings? As you might have seen from my previous posts, I am slightly obsessed with them. My obsessions go Bravo, Mutz Cheese, Wine, then Onion Rings. Okay… I have different obsessions everyday but whenever there is a choice to go with a side of fries or a side of onion rings, I opt for the latter. (Clearly some places have better fries than rings, and I adjust my choices accordingly.)

At Bareburger, what’s great is that they have so many options. You can get the larger basket order of onion rings plus fries (or sweet fries) that comes with several of their dipping sauces (my faves are the habanero mayo, special sauce, buttermilk ranch, and I have never tasted the buffalo but you can’t go wrong with buffalo AND ranch.) If you and your friend are not too hungry and just want to taste it, the side of rings and fries is just as filling. It doesn’t come with the dipping sauces (they cost around 50 or 55 cents each) but you might as well get one or two to try it out.

Left Bank Burger


From: Left Bank Burger Bar in Jersey City, NJ
Left Bank was definitely the Right Choice! If you are craving a delicious, juicy burger and are in the Jersey City area – you must stop here. I “made my own,” which is what you see in the mouthwatering picture above. I requested cheddar, bacon, and their special left bank sauce, which was sauce-some. This burger really melts in your mouth and this place has a ton of great specialities to choose from like burgers accompanied with fried mac ‘n’ cheese or with fried eggs. Next time, I am going to see if I can switch out the bun for an English muffin, because burgers served on a toasted English muffin are just phenomenal.

Short Rib Mac and Cheese


From: Park and Sixth Restaurant & Bar in Jersey City, NJ

Any meal that includes the words “short rib” in the title and I am instantly swayed. You can’t really go wrong with short rib and (insert other food item here), but you especially can’t go wrong when that other food item is mac and cheese. What I like most about this place is the atmosphere; it is nestled in Jersey City’s Grove Street and the decor is just as comfortable and fun as the food. My favorite part was looking at all of the records that adorned the wall to make it look like wallpaper. There’s also another location called Park and Sixth Gastropub.

Holy Guacamole!

From: Orale Mexican Kitchen in Jersey City, NJ
What I love about this place is the ambiance. The space is both rustic and festive with it’s dark lighting and colorful Mexican decor. Oh, and can I mention the guacamole? I’d recommend the Trio so you can choose three to try. The one pictured above is the crispy braised pork belly guacamole. Fried pork with Guac? Yes please! As a side note, I’ve also tried various tacos, but I prefer their chicken and cheese quesadillas.

Best Bagel Spot in Hoboken

From: JP’s Bagel Express in Hoboken, NJ
The only place I go for an egg salad sandwich or a fresh bacon, egg, and cheese in Hoboken is this place! The egg salad from here has a great taste, and I love when there’s more egg white pieces in the actual sandwich. Other places chop up the egg whites really fine so you are pretty much just eating the yolk with the mayo, but this place knows what they are doing. I like to get the bagel scooped out so there’s less carbs; it also makes it easier for me to eat the sandwich without pieces falling out of the sides. #TipOfTheDay

Seaweed Salad


From: Teak on the Hudson in Hoboken, NJ
I never understood the concept or the hype around a “seaweed salad.” The name itself does not serve as good PR for the dish, BUT I am now hooked. I must admit I had to have it twice to be won over. My favorite is from Teak, because they serve it with cucumber, crab, and tempura flakes. If you have never tried seaweed salad, I’d recommend starting here. It’s got a distinct flavor to it with a crunchy cold texture, but try it twice and I think you’ll enjoy it. I will admit that it is an acquired taste. Even if you still aren’t the biggest fan, at least you tried something new?  Someone also told me it’s extremely healthy for you, which doesn’t hurt now that summer is fast approaching – am I right all my fellow Squan-abees?

Colombian Empanadas

From: Noches de Colombia in North Bergen, NJ
There are several Noches locations and they are all equally delicious. This is their Colombian Empanada. I am a fan of all kinds of empanadas, but this one has a crunchy dough on the outside with beef AND potatoes in the center. The beef and potatoes mixture is perfectly blended, allowing the flavors to melt in your mouth. If you order this, make sure to dip it in the spicy aji sauce that it gets served with. I’m sure I’ll have more posts of the food from this restaurant soon, because it is my favorite Colombian spot in NJ.