Hudson County – NJ

Fully Loaded Sandwich


From: M & P Biancamano’s in Hoboken, NJ

If your stomach is growling during lunchtime, I think it is safe to say this will help satiate your hunger throughout the day. This might actually be able to count as your lunch and your dinner entirely. M & P Biancamano’s is a family-owned Italian spot that serves their sandwiches stuffed beyond belief.

This was the ham, roast beef, and mutz – basically make sure to just get anything with “mutz” on it. For those who are not from the East Coast (or tri-state area to be more specific), “mutz” is short for fresh mozzarella. Hoboken is not only known for baseball and Frank Sinatra but also its fresh mozzarella, so much so that they even have the annual “MUTZFEST.” The one at M&P is so tasty, plus it has actually won the contest before – and rightfully so because their cheese is on point.

If you want to try the best, make sure to go to the ‘fest!

Lady Gaga Roll


From: Ayame Hibachi & Sushi in Hoboken, NJ
If you want an endless assortment of specialty rolls to choose from, go to Ayame. The various arrangements they have is plentiful and satisfying. My particular favorite is the Lady Gaga roll which consists of King crab, shrimp tempura, spicy salmon, and honey wasabi sauce. It is safe to say there is no “Bad Romance” here!

You know what puts the icing on the cake (or the soy sauce on the roll)… the fact that it is a bring your own. I am happy to report I am on my way there tonight and will be picking up a nice, cold bottle of white wine to accompany my dinner. It will be myself, my friend, my Pinot, and my Lady Gaga.

Bareburger Favorites

From: Bareburger in Hoboken, NJ
Bareburger first opened up in Queens in 2009, and now has over 18 restaurants. The popularity of their organic and all-natural meat is clearly helping them grow into the big franchise they are today.

If you once over my page real quick, you will start to see a pattern – I clearly had a burger craving this summer! But, this one is highlighting a different kind of meat… BISON! Bison has a lot of protein with less fat than beef, plus its super tasty. My meal selection above was a “make your own” from Bareburger with aged cheddar, Canadian Bacon, and pickles. However, they have tons of specialty burgers to choose from. I think next time I am going to order the Bison (cooked medium), Gouda, and one of their special sauces.

But, can I just jump to the onion rings now? I am slightly obsessed with them. My overall obsessions in life go Dogs, Bravo, Mutz Cheese, Wine, then Onion Rings. Okay… I have different infatuations everyday but whenever there is a choice to go with a side of fries or a side of onion rings, I opt for the latter. Clearly some places have better fries than rings, and I adjust my choices accordingly.

At Bareburger, what’s great is that they have so many options. You can get the larger basket order of onion rings plus fries (or sweet fries) that comes with several of their dipping sauces (my faves are the habanero mayo, special sauce, and buttermilk ranch.)  If you and your friend are not too hungry and just want a taste, the side of rings and fries is just as filling. It doesn’t come with the dipping sauces (they cost a bit extra) but you might as well get one or two to try it out.

Chicken Francese

From: Trattoria La Sorrentina’s in North Bergen, NJ
I just can’t get enough of the food from this place. Right on Bergenline Avenue, Sorrentina’s is a place I can count on for an awesome Italian meal. It is hands down my favorite pizza place, provides the best fresh-baked bread, and I love the chicken dishes. This is the Chicken Francese and I always order it with escarole. Escarole is a leafy vegetable that is sautéed in garlic and oil, plus it is really healthy too. I am sure it is not healthy when I douse it in the delicious lemony, buttery sauce that the chicken comes with. You know what’s the best? Making a small sandwich out of the fresh baked bread with the chicken and escarole and dipping it in the sauce until it’s soaked. Of course, the chicken is good on its own since its thick, juicy, and tender.

Salted Caramel Doughnut

From: Schnackenberg’s Doughnuts in Hoboken, NJ
Salted… Caramel… Doughnut… it gets better with each word. Schnackenberg’s is a vintage luncheonette that’s been serving Hoboken since 1931.  The decor in this place is adorable, so Back to the Future-esque. They have egg creams, milkshakes, chocolate, awesome tuna fish sandwiches, other basic lunch items, and fresh-made doughnuts. This one is my favorite so far, and do you blame me? It has a moist outer coating that’s made up of salted caramel… I repeat… SALTED CARAMEL. When you take a bite it is crunchy on the outside while being light and fluffy on the inside. To feel less guilty… I made my colleague split it with me. #thatswhatfriendsarefor

Honey Mustard Chicken Wrap

From: Mr. Wraps in Hoboken, NJ
This is the “Chicken Tender Sandwich,” but I prefer to get this option with the wrap instead of a kaiser roll. It just makes sense to get a wrap from… Mr. WRAPS! If you decide to make this wise selection; it comes with breaded chicken tenders, melted jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion, and honey mustard. You really can’t go wrong with crispy pieces of chicken drizzled with honey mustard and bound by melted pieces of cheese.

My other fave is their tuna melt wrap, which comes with all white tuna, romaine, avocado, tomatoes, and melted Swiss cheese. Okay… I think I need to get lunch! #HUNGRY

Sauce With a Side of Wings

From: Park and Sixth in Jersey City, NJ
These buffalo wings are quite the hit… with  my stomach. I posted another food item from this place awhile back, which was the short rib mac and cheese. These wings and that mac and cheese dish are definitely up there on top tasty things from Park and Sixth.

These wings came with the restaurant’s “signature sauce.” I can’t pinpoint the exact ingredients (a Man v. Food behind-the-scenes shoot would totally help right now), but I am assuming it is a mixture of blue cheese and buffalo sauce. It might even be ranch and buffalo, but I think all you need to know is that it’s great. This adds a small, much appreciated twist to the classic buffalo wing… and I don’t hate it!