About That Yum Factor


Everyone takes pictures of things that excite them, right? Well, cutting into a stuffed cheeseburger that has a half a pound of cheddar cheese pouring out of it… excites me. What can I say? I am a food-aholic. It must be a mixture of my Italian background, food-obsessed family, and the delicious restaurants that Jersey/Manhattan has to offer that provoke my inner foodie. Now I am sharing my passion for food with the public domain.

As you can see, the site is dedicated to treasures found in the tri-state area. So, please feel free to use this page to help you find out what to order. I hope this page inspires your lunch and dinner choices, or at least makes you drool just a bit. Warning though… I strongly believe in “the cheesier the better” and “anything fried is good.” #NoWillPower

PS: You Have My Guarantee That All Food Items Featured On This Page Have…