The Committed Pig 

From: The Committed Pig in Manasquan,  NJ
Happy Fourth of July everyone! If you are heading down to Squan for the long weekend, check out The Committed Pig. It is right on the corner of Main Street and right before you enter the mecca of Jersey Shore rentals. They had great options to chose from for both brunch and dinner.

Right before I began my night rocking out at Osprey, I stopped in for the Chipotle Bacon burger. It comes with muenster cheese, onion rings, and a bacon chipotle mayo. Can we just take a second to appreciate how delicious those onion rings look? Plus, as you can see I clearly needed an extra side of the bacon-infused mayo. I mean… I guess I didn’t really need it. It is summer and all. 😉

It was such a cute spot and definitely provides those in the area with a great dining option. Plus, they have one in Morristown! Enjoy.